11 August 2008

To all who worked on my TI,

I would like to thank all the technicians that worked on my 95 TI. Once again I bring my car limping in to get repaired, fuel pump failure and a very loose front end. Since I have drove the car for a few days now all I have to say is, job well done, it tracks perfectly down the road, no more wandering around, and the steering wheel is even straight. I know the car is set up low and puts a lot of stress on the suspension parts but the car handles well and go’s where I point it.  Not the fastest by any means but I think it handles well. So again I would like to thank Mike, Larry P, and the mysterious technician 6 for the work they did on my car. As always Chris your shop comes thru for me in a timely manor and the job done right the first time.

Also, have been linking your website in my signature on the www.318ti.org

Chris B.