April 10, 2009

Dear Chris,
I wanted again to thank you, George, and the technicians for a job well done, I always feel comfortable with turning my Porsche 928 S4 over to you for service. In all my time of working with companies of vast diversification, in all arenas of products and services, I can honestly say that Munk’s Motors is in a group of 4 or 5 companies that I trust, and take your word as fact. I truly feel a part of a professional relationship, knowing that (although this hasn’t happened) if I had a problem with some aspect of my service that you would make it right.

Chris, you and I have the same business philosophy, which is, treat the customer with respect, keep them informed, educate them about what needs to be done, provide high quality service at a reasonable price, and ensure the customer is happy with the end result.

Keep up the good work, please thank everyone involved in my car’s repair for me, and when my can needs service, you know I’ll be back!

Tom Petrosky